Motion Design (en)

Blue Dot

A mischievous voiceover and a playful deity lead us through the story of the studio’s name.

  • Voice Over

    Lou Howard

  • Sound Design

    Pierre Picot

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Well Building 2050

This 3D motion explainer presents an international architecture competition: Well Building 2050.

  • Client


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Motion Beer

An invitation to an animation professionals’ event.

  • Client


  • Artistic Direction and Animation

    Francis Bièvre

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PacMan – Paco Rabanne

Pacman and Paco Rabanne collaborate for a limited edition of the One Million fragrance.

  • Client

    Paco Rabanne

  • Production


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Crédit Agricole

This internal communication film depicts the life of a man who turns out to be a Crédit Agricole advisor.

  • Client

    Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance

  • Agency


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